Articles / Papers
A review of Prehistoric Astronomy in Britain & Ireland by P. Ashmore
The Loughcrew Hills and Passage Tomb Complex by Frank Prendergast
A New Archaeoastronomical Investigation of the Irish Axial-Stone Circles by Frank Prendergast & Clive Ruggles
An Intriguing Monument by Frank Prendergast, Muiris O'Sullivan & Geraldine Stout 
Ancient Astronomical Alignments: Fact or Fiction? by Frank Prendergast
Shadow Casting Phenomena at Newgrange by Frank Prendergast
New Data on Newgrange by Frank Prendergast
Stone rows of three or more stones in south-west Ireland by Clive Ruggles
The Stone Rows of South-West Ireland: A First Reconnaissance by Clive Ruggles
Review of John Barbers survey of the stone circles of Cork & Kerry by J. Patrick & P.R Freeman
Astronomical Traditions of Ancient Ireland and Britain by Ronald Hicks
Dun Ailinnes Role in Folklore Myth and the Sacred Landscape by Ronald Hicks
Festivals Deaths and the Sacred Landscape of Ancient Ireland by Ronald Hicks
The Year at Drombeg by Ronald Hicks
Tomb L Carnbane West Loughcrew Hills County Meath by Frank Prendergast
Megalithic Sites in Britain by A. Thom
Alignment of the Western and Eastern passage tombs by Frank Prendergast & Tom Ray

A Possible Astronomical Alignment Marking Seasonal Transitions at Listoghil, Sligo, Ireland by Padraig Meehan
Interpreting megalithic tomb orientations and siting within broader cultural contexts by Frank Prendergast

Videos / Podcasts
The Sacred Landscape of Ancient Ireland by Ronald Hicks
Podcast interview with Jack Roberts by Anthony Murphy of
Cracking the Stone Age Code - BBC Chronicle Series
Sunrise at Cairn L Loughcrew by Victor Reijs
Arthur C Clarkes Mysterious World - Riddle of the Stones
Secrets of the Stones - RTE documentary


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