Grange Lios Summer Solstice Sunrise

Welcome to Megalithicarchaeoastronomy - a website that is dedicated to recording confirmed and suspected astronomical alignments in Ireland.

This will include megalithic alignments at Winter Solstice, Summer Solstice, the Equinoxes and Cross-Quarter Days.                                                                              

We would like to broaden the scope further to include astronomical alignments all over the British Isles.

This originally started out as a page on facebook and we will continue to update both. The database was set-up in time for the Autumn Equinox of 2013 and for each coming event we will post a list of possible sites. Hopefully the database will continue to evolve with more sites being added as the alignments are rediscovered.

We hope that people will use the list to go visit these sites on the various astronomical dates and come back to either this page or the facebook page to post their observations, photos and videos.

However many of these sites are on private property and as such we recommend asking permission before entering private lands.

All the best

Derek Ryan Bawn