Suspected Alignment / Alignments:  Feb - Nov Cross Quarter Sun-set / Equinox Sun-set / Summer Solstice Sun-rise / Major Moon-rise
Site Type: Stone Circle
Irish Grid Ref: V9581965317
Location: Link to Bing Maps

Dromagurteen Stone Cirle with the "Altar" hill in view in the middleground


This stone circle is described on Archaeology.ie as follows;

"In Bonane Heritage Park, on a break on a SW-facing slope. A circle (diam. 10m) of probably thirteen stones, six of which are upright. The stones measure L 0.75-1.55m; T 0.4-0.8m and H 0.8-1.4m. One of the entrance stones at the NNE, a quartz-veined boulder, has fallen. The other entrance stone (1m x 0.8m; H 1.4m) is the tallest stone. The flat-topped axial stone (1.6m x 0.8m; H 0.8m) stands at SSW. A boulder-burial (KE102-032003-) occupies the centre of the interior. A fulacht fia (KE102-032004-) lies c. 25m to the E."

This is circle is the main feature of Bonane Heritage Park. Unusually the information boards on-site feature information on the astronomical alignments of the circle including a very interesting alignment to the Major Standstill Moon-rise. This is when the moon-rise is thought to occur over a hill called "Altar" which has 3 large flagstones on it. The information board envisages that the moon will rise "rolling" along the slope of the hill. The next such Major Standstill however is in 2024. The information boards also link this circle to the summer solstice sunrise. However megalithic photographer Ken Williams has been on site to witness (unsuccessfully) the event and due to the high hills in this direction the sun does not rise here until later on in the morning when it is a "glowing orb" and so much harder to view. For this reason I agree with Jack Roberts suspicion that this stone circle is primarily aligned to the sun-set on the Feb - Nov Cross Quarter days.

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