Suspected Alignment / Alignments: Equinox Sun-set
Site Type: Passage Tomb
Irish Grid Ref: G6706133501
Location: Link to Bing Maps


The passage tomb is described on as follows;

"On a SSW slope in pasture with good views in all directions. The structure is visible as a roofless chamber (L 2.72m; max. Wth. 1.20m) set in the ground. It is aligned approximately E-W and is open to the E. Constructed of nine upright slabs, four of which are decorated with curvilinear motifs (one has been removed). Wood-Martin (1887-8, 68-9, figs. 77-81) recorded that the monument was originally roofed with a single slab, covered by a mound and enclosed by a stone circle and had been disturbed in 1830 during ploughing. The floor was found to be paved with slabs and quantity of cremated bone and a cinerary urn were found. There are conflicting views as to the nature and date of this cist-like structure and its decoration (see Evans 1966; Herity 1974; Shee Twohig 1981, the latter two with earlier references; Weir 1980, 207-8). It has been listed as a possible passage tomb by Ó Nualláin (1989, 92). "

Also known as Cloverhill, there is some debate whether this is passage tomb or not but I think the consensus now is that it is. It is decorated within with rock-art (Although it is said that it is different to other megalithic art). It is located to the east of Carrowmore on private land.

I came across this alignment in 2016 with the publication of Dr Frank Prendergast's paper 'Interpreting megalithic tomb orientations and siting within broader cultural contexts'  Dr Prendergast uses a statistical analysis of all the passage tombs in Ireland to conclude that 24 of them have significant astronomical alignments.

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