Knocks South

Suspected Alignment / Alignments:  Equinox Sun-set
Site Type: Stone Circle
Irish Grid Ref: W3022344291
Location: Link to Bing Maps

Knocks South stone circle 

This stone circle is described on as follows;

"On level ground in valley and 100m N of Argideen river. Circle incomplete; may have consisted of nine, or possibly eleven stones. Five orthostats survive, including axial stone and radially-set entrance stone. These are 0.65m to 1.6m L, 0.2m to 0.7m T and 0.9m to 1.45m H. Internal measurement along main axis, aligned NE-SW, is 8.5m. Centrally placed standing stone (H 1.15m; 0.85m x 0.6m) is split in two pieces, aligned NE-SW. Multiple stone circle (CO121-063---) c. 1.4km to NNW. (O Nualláin 1984, 21, no. 29; Roberts 1988, Ch. 6, no. 16)"

This circle is near the road but on private property. To get to it follow along the Argideen River. The recumbent stone and only one of the portal stones are still in place. There is an unusual standing stone near the centre of the circle. Jack Roberts, who has been studying the stone circles of Cork & Kerry for over 30 years, suspects that this stone circle is aligned to the sun-set on the Equinox days.

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Pic of Knocks South stone circle by contributor Michael Mitchell

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