Cashelkeelty SE

Suspected Alignment / Alignments:  Equinox Sun-set
Site Type: Stone Circle
Irish Grid Ref: V9067670720
Location: Link to Bing Maps

Cashelkeelty SE looking out towards the sea.


This stone circle is described on as follows;

"In rough pasture, on a terrace to the S of a medieval road (KE108-013007-), on the lower N-facing slopes of Knocknaveacal. This stone circle (diam. 1.5m) is represented by an axial stone (L 1.5m; T 0.3m; H 0.5m) with a flanking stone on either side at N (L 0.8m; T 0.35m; H 0.65m) and at S (L 0.9m; T 0.4m; H 0.7m). Excavation in 1977 revealed sockets of the missing entrance stones, a flint point and a broken sandstone artifact, possibly an ard point (Lynch 1981, 65-9). A central pit-burial (KE108-013003-), covered by a single slab and containing the cremated remains of an adult, was also revealed. Based on radiocarbon dates acquired, the excavator assigned the construction of the stone circle to the period 970-715 bc [1308-774 cal. BC] (ibid., 66). There is a stone row (KE108-013002-) c. 1m to the S and a multiple-stone circle (KE108-013001-) c. 80m to the W. A field boundary (KE108-013006-) lies c. 70m to the E and other field boundaries (KE108-013005-) lie c. 15m to the W and c. 8m to the S. (Ó Nualláin 1984a, 45, no. 93)."

This circle is accessible via the Beara Way, it is possible to park at a car-park approximately 0.5km from the circle and walk up a steep climb to the circle. There is a stone row only about 1m away and a second circle about 50m away from this one also. Jack Roberts, who has been studying the stone circles of Cork & Kerry for over 30 years, suspects that this stone circle is aligned to the sun-set on the Equinox days.

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