Suspected Alignment / Alignments: Equinox Sun-Set
Site Type: Passage Tomb
Irish Grid Ref: R8421730587
Location: Link to Bing Maps

The setting-sun within the passage on the Autumn Equinox 2014

The tomb looking towards the west with an arrow showing where Knockfeerina is located.

This passage tomb is described on as follows;

"On the summit of Shrough Hill, part of the Slievenamuck/Moanour mountains, with forestry encroaching to within 10m to N, E and W, forestry to W has been felled affording an extensive view of the Galty mountains and foothills below. A stone wall runs E-W along the S edge of the mound. The monument consists of a roughly circular cairn (diam. 30m; H 2m) with a small, roofless polyogonal chamber (int. dims. L 2.2m; Wth 1.2m), aligned roughly E-W, near the centre of the cairn (De Valera and Ó Nualláin 1982, 101; Ó Nualláin and Cody 1987, 76-8). The sidestones vary in height from 1.2m to 1.8m (ibid. 76). The cairn is overgrown with gorse, heather and low scrub."

I previously visited this tomb at the Autumn equinox sun-set in 2013 but unfortunately the sun was obscured by cloud . Access for the equinox is difficult as its a bit hairy getting back down out of here after sunset. I again visited this year (2014) and for a few brief minutes the sun broke through a bank of cloud to illuminate the passage. To the west where the sun sets is Knockfierna or "The fairy hill of Donn Firinne" and to the east Slievenamon or "Mountain of women" is clearly in view so this is an area steeped in folklore.

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