Suspected Alignment / Alignments:  Equinox Sun-set
Site Type: Stone Pair
Irish Grid Ref: R7621380785
Location: Link to Bing Maps

Equinox setting-sun at Lisheentyrone stone pair


This stone pair is described on as follows;

"Situated on a low platform in an upland area with a bowl-barrow (TN019-016----) c. 42m to NW and rock outcrop decorated with cup-marks (TN019-053----) 20m to to the W. Two limestone orthostats, aligned E-W, and 9.5m apart. Both stones are triangular in shape with the tops of the stones sloping from N-S. The E stone is erect (H 2.1m; 1.1m x 0.9m) while the W stone (H 1.5m; 0.6m x 1.1m) has fallen and is resting on its packing-stones.  The NW face of the upright E stone appears to have cupmarks similar to the carvings on the rock outcrop (TN019-053----) to the W."

Last March (2014) I visited this stone pair to examine whether it may be potentially be aligned to the Equinox sun-set / sun-rise. Amazingly enough when there I discovered a panel of cup-marks that had previously not been noted before. This was North Tipperary's first confirmed find of megalithic rock-art and as such opens up the area as one where more art is likely to be found. To cap off what personally was a great delight it also appears that the standing stone pair are also aligned towards the Equinox sun-set.

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Picture of the rock-art panel recently discovered at Lisheentryone

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