Suspected Alignment / Alignments:  Equinox Sun-rise
Site Type: Stone Pair
Irish Grid Ref: T1450598846
Location: Link to Bing Maps


This stone pair is described on Archaeology.ie as follows;

"On flatish portion of ridge with good views to E, S and W, the Devil's Glen and Irish Sea are visible in the distance to the E in the gap between the two stones. Aligned roughly N-S, with the N stone (H 1m; Wth 0.75m; T 0.75m) c. 1.7m away from the S stone (H 1.03m; 0.65m N-S; 0.55m E-W). Known as the 'Gossan stones' and 'Gossam stones'. (SMR file)"

This alignment was proposed by Christiaan Corlett in an article in Archaeology Ireland in 2006. The stones axis is in a N-S direction and as such he proposes that they form a portal framing the equinox sun rising in the U-shaped valley below. Below is a link to a photograph and the article in Archaeology Ireland on knowth.com.

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